Women’s Health


Are you looking for regular relaxing bodywork to help to maintain your health and vitality?

Or to help you through a stressful or difficult time?

(overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, sadness, short fuse)

Or maybe you have physical or emotional stuff going on that is women’s health related?

(menstrual health, fertility, libido, pregnancy, birth, post-natal, menopause and beyond)

It could be you just feel out of sorts and not like yourself, and you’re wondering how to feel more like yourself again given everything that is going on with you.

I invite you to read further and see if any of this feels like you.  You’re welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information specific to your situation.


Stress Dissolver

Do you find yourself…

……. in the midst of busy days and busy thoughts

……..where you are racing to keep up with yourself and thinking about everything you need to do all the time

……. where you are often listening and responding to other people’s needs and requests and giving of your time and energy (you don’t mind, but tiredness, exhaustion and a longing for some space are becoming more of a challenge)

What if you had space to talk about how you are feeling today?  Or to just speak the essentials and then be quiet if you want to?

A chance for you to receive in a space where you can just be for a while, just as you are, and relax.

Receiving deeply relaxing Shiatsu tailored to bring relief and support you with your physical symptoms, emotions and stresses.

Shiatsu listens and tunes into what you are most needing today and what you are ready to work with, and then creates a spaciousness for you and your body to find balance again.


PMS and Menstrual Relief 

Maybe there is a phase in your cycle that drives you crazy, or leaves you weepy, or stressed out and emotional.

Maybe there is a week in the month that you always feel exhausted and you long for the week when you have more energy and vitality.

Or it could be you notice times when something you can normally do standing on your head seems like pushing a heavy boulder up hill.

You may have physical symptoms that create the most challenges for you – like menstrual cramps or pain around ovulation, heavy bleeding or no bleeding, headaches, back pain to name but a few.

You may feel these are just things you have to put up with, but regular Shiatsu to really connect with your body and listening to your needs in the different phases of your cycle can make all the difference.


Lost Libido

It used to be there and appear regularly but now it seems to have gone into hiding.  This could be due to stress and life events.  Often there are other issues you need to tend to, underneath the surface, first.

Making time to connect with your body and receive nourishing bodywork can be very positive, and gives you space to really tune in and listen to what is really going on for you.

What is your vital spark, your inner glow – the fuel to your libido – really needing?


Fertility Focus, Fertility Flow

Shiatsu is great for you if you want to support your natural fertility flow.  It is also great for you if you are experiencing problems with your fertility.

This might be physical symptoms like absent periods or ovulation, PCOS, endometriosis or others.

It might also be emotional upsets and stress from life events – bereavement, work stress, miscarriage, or past trauma for example.  You may need space and time to process these or to grieve first.  Getting support with this is very beneficial so that you can honour what you are experiencing and move forwards when ready.

You may also be experiencing a sense of pressure and stress around trying to get pregnant which is a challenge in itself.

Shiatsu nourishes your body’s energies at a deep level to support your optimal fertility.  It also supports emotional processing and release too.  Shiatsu helps you to feel more like yourself again with time, and gives you space to just be – whatever stage you are at.  Space to accept your fertility journey.


The Journey of Menopause

In Oriental medicine, Menopause is one of the Gateways of Change, a time when your body is open to healing and processing things.  Every woman has her own experience of this.  Your body will follow its own needs at this time and it may be that more emotional or physical symptoms arise, or not.

If you’re looking for support with this journey, either ahead of time, during or after, regular Shiatsu is a resource my clients have found really helpful.

For coping with emotions that arise, hot flushes, anxiety, tension and also the whole transition into a new phase of their life.