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Covid 19 Update

In-person sessions are available

Check in via phone, Zoom or email ahead of your session.  In-person time is 1 hour on site to keep contact time to a minimum as advised.  The emphasis is on the Shiatsu part with time to talk through things at the check-in, in the first five mins of in-person session and also at end of session.  Practicalities organised via email.  I will email you information about hygiene practices I am taking and what I need you to do to prepare for your Shiatsu session too.

£50 per session


Online and distance Shiatsu sessions – these are still available to book

Online guided self Shiatsu sessions ( with option to have a recording to work with later for deeper affect).  These can feel really good and are a great way to learn self care techniques for when needed at home.


Distance healing style Shiatsu where you lie down and receive (these have been popular during lockdown and beyond).  You can keep relaxing at home after your session too.

Payments for online and distance sessions are by donations.  Donations have varied from £25 to £50 depending on individual financial circumstances.  I trust people will pay what they can manage.


I completely understand the financial challenges in these times myself.  I also believe that now, more than ever, we are all needing to take care of our emotional, mental and physical well-being both preventatively and when things come up.  I want to keep Shiatsu accessible during these times.

I am trusting that those who can afford it will pay the new rate and those that can’t know that I will genuinely understand.  If, like many of us, your finances have been impacted by Covid and you need reduced rates, please contact me.  There is the online distance option (see above) or if you need in-person Shiatsu we can work something out.  I will keep a few in-person places available at reduced rates for those really needing it.  Please do ask.

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well.

Best Wishes



Gift vouchers you have, or have given to others, with valid until dates

Just to say due to current circumstances I am happy to extend the use by dates for all gift vouchers purchased pre-Covid, so please let people know.


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