Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience, allowing you space to reconnect with yourself and your own optimal health and well-being.  Shiatsu brings feelings of peacefulness, release, wholeness, and ease. 

When you feel tired or overwhelmed by responding to the demands of the day, regular Shiatsu offers relief from the build up of stress and brings you gradually back into balance as you allow yourself to receive

Shiatsu uses a variety of acupressure, movement and holding techniques, based on the principles of Oriental medicine, to balance the flow of qi or chi in the body’s energetic systems.  Shiatsu can be given lying on a futon or seated, while you stay fully clothed.

Shiatsu offers relief and support with many acute and long term symptoms.  Shiatsu relieves tension including backache and shoulders, aids sleep, improves mood, and more.  Clients describe feeling better in themselves, ‘put back together,’ ‘plugged back into themselves,’ ‘lighter,’ or clearer about their direction in life during times of personal growth. 

For women, Shiatsu supports relaxation and well-being whilst women are coping with  menstrual and fertility problems, emotional upsets, and during menopause.  Shiatsu supports your health and nurtures you and your baby through the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, birth and beyond.   

Health and well-being are our greatest gifts to ourselves and others.  Discover the benefits of Shiatsu and explore your true potential today.