Inner Calm Birth Preparation Classes

You’re about to run the equivalent of a marathon….

…. or you’re about to support your partner while they do.

Would you welcome space to prepare for this together?

How does a toolkit of practical and nurturing techniques for your birth journey together sound?

You are a team – you, your partner and your baby – and you want to stay connected to each others’ natural wisdom and your needs on this journey.

All the checklists and medical information can feel overwhelming at times.  Yet women have been giving birth for millennia so finding the balance, finding perspective, and trusting in what feels right for you is the key.  Each birth is unique.

These classes are a great way to meet other couples on their journeys too.

What you can both expect:

  • a toolkit of practical and nurturing Shiatsu and energy techniques to support you and your baby during birth
  • space to connect together as a couple before the birth of your baby
  • time to identify each of your needs during the birth and how to support them (e.g. type of environment, concerns you have, what you like and don’t like for support, how you communicate and stay connected to each other)
  • ways your partner can support you (where needed) in different stages of birth
  • acupressure points to help ease contractions, manage pain and release tension
  • ideas for different birth positions and how your partner can support you in each of these if needed – time to practice them and discover your favourites too
  • approaches to support your energy during rest periods and also in more active stages that may help if things slow down or your uterus is tired or your legs tremble for instance
  • how to adapt techniques for the unexpected
  • staying connected with your baby and your body’s natural wisdom
  • ways to relax and support the natural hormonal flow (keeping you calm and easing birth)
  • acupressure and Shiatsu techniques to help to ease and release any emotional tension, worry, fear, anxiety
  • different techniques for relaxation

This is a set of classes, to give you:

  • the opportunity to practice between classes and to review anything at the next class
  • a chance to go deeper into techniques for each stage of birth than it is possible to in only one session


“Being shown that simple touch and pressure in the right places can be beneficial has helped me feel more relaxed.  It was very relaxing and my husband also found it surprisingly relaxing!  One session was really helpful.  I imagine doing more sessions would be even better.  

It’s a lovely thing for you and your partner to do in the lead up to the birth.  The teaching style is friendly and kind.  

The handouts you gave us are a good reminder.”

K & S, Fife


“Just having a ‘toolkit’ to use in labour gives me more confidence and makes me feel more relaxed about how I will cope and how baby’s dad will support me on the day.  A brilliant way to bond prior to the birth.  Gives mum-to-be a toolkit of birthing positions, visualisations and breathing techniques, and the birth partner a toolkit of pressure points, and supportive techniques to help mum to birth baby and to relax.

It is a very friendly class and gave us the opportunity to open up and think about what we wanted/planned for our baby’s birth.  The teacher is lovely and can’t do enough for you.”

Sarah and Philip, Fife


I was taught these techniques by Suzanne Yates  ( who teaches Shiatsu practitioners, massage therapists and midwives techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond both in the UK and internationally. Plus a few others I have learnt from other teachers along the way.

Read more about the potential benefits of Shiatsu Birth techniques at


Class venues and times

If you would like to know the dates for the next set of classes or would like to go on the waiting list, please contact me.  

There is also the option of booking 1 to 1 sessions or getting together with friends who are at the same stage and booking your own private classes.  Prices vary for these.  

Please email or phone me if you would like more information.