Pregnancy Shiatsu

(safe and beneficial during all trimesters)

Shiatsu gives you a peaceful space to tune into your body’s natural wisdom and your baby during pregnancy.  Shiatsu’s acupressure and energy techniques, and gentle stretching take women into a deep relaxation.  They say this feels very special and nurturing, giving them time to connect and just ‘be’ with their baby and themselves.  Women love feeling their baby moving around in response!     

 Beginning with talking about how you are feeling, each Shiatsu session focuses on your individual needs.  Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and comfort, you might be lying on the futon, in side position well supported with cushions, leaning over a ball or seated.  You even stay fully clothed.  

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 Benefits for you and your baby:

 ·      relaxation for both of you

 ·      time to connect with each other and bond

 ·      complementary support and relief from symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue,   muscular aches and pains including backache and shoulder tension, pelvic pain, puffy legs, breast tenderness.  May help to prevent some symptoms developing or worsening.

 ·      Postural awareness and exercises can be shown to help ease legs, back ache and to encourage the baby’s optimal positioning for birth. 

 ·      emotional support during hormonal changes in your body and for any ups and downs and fears which may arise

 ·      a nurturing space to receive energy work to support your body’s deeper energetic systems which are more active during pregnancy and birth. 

 ·      supporting your energy levels.

 ·      Support finding your own rhythm and pace on this amazing journey together.

 ·      Later in the 3rd trimester, different positions and techniques are introduced to prepare you and your baby for birth.

 ·      Continuity of support from the same practitioner throughout your pregnancy, for birth preparation and post-natally.  Mothers who received regular Shiatsu during their pregnancy, have commented on the fact that during Shiatsu with the baby post-natally, their baby often relaxes, seeming to recognise the space, the practitioner’s voice, and the music.

  ·      Your partner, children and other relatives can be shown self-care techniques to help support you, and this gives you space to connect together as a family.

 ·      Your partner can receive Shiatsu and be supported in their role too. 

Regular Shiatsu during pregnancy offers many potential benefits, and as with regular exercise, invests in your health and well-being later on too.  A great way to complement pregnancy yoga as a natural approach to pregnancy.